Blog Writing

Art Blogging
“Phoning it in: The Importance of the Art World for Instagram and Vice Versa,” for Art Muse LA

Food Blogging
“Ooey, Gooey Fun at the Mac and Cheese Takedown,” Eastside Food Bites

“Worth the Drive: Hitting the Yolk Gold Jackpot at EggSlut,” Eastside Food Bites

Brioche, Jam & Pesto Bowls from Sqirl,” Eastside Food Bites

“A Thai Meal and Creme Brulée at Wat Dong Moon Lek,” Eastside Food Bites

Corned Beef and Rice: Food Reviews by an Asian and a Jew

The Getty Iris,” the J. Paul Getty Museum official blog:

Masterpiece of the Week: Andy Warhol’s Polaroid, a Self-Portrait for the Facebook Age

Question of the Week: Do Americans See the World Through a Distorted Lens?

Zhang Huan: Beyond the Body (featured story week of May 29, 2013)

References,” the Kaufmann Mercantile blog and library of essays on materials and the making of products:
Campfire 101

Silk: History and Glossary

Care for Kitchen Knives

Saber a Champagne Bottle: A Method That Adds Pop To Your Party

Care for Copper: Advice from America’s only copper cookware manufacturer

Wharton Esherick: A Pioneer for American Craftsmen

The Story of Nylon: From a depressed scientist to essential swimwear

African Black Soap: Make soap without lye

Felt: An 8,000 Year-Old Technology That’s Innovative to This Day

The Clock of the Long Now: We talk to the men who went from inventing supercomputers to chasing slowness

Adirondack Pack Baskets: The Durable Container from the Northeast

Wool: The Loyal Herd

Alexandre Noll: “All that could be made out of wood”

Ben Jackel: Disasters in Clay